Mamata Banerjee asks Election Commission to to eschew bias

Election eve, she mentioned:"I'd ask your good office to ensure that election has been performed peacefully, impartially and free of undue hindrance from the Central administration and free of intervention from the judgment party in the Centre."

Ms. Banerjee's nephew Abhisekh Banerjee,'' MP, issued a legal note into the primary Minister to get"slanderous, false and malicious" allegations.

Seeks Writer Alleging the West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee asked that it to run Sunday's election without any prejudice.

Additionally delivered a letter into your EC. If a celebration is set to shed they come

Charge Versus innovation

Writes to board eve of ultimate period.
Appointment of 2 retired federal government officials as particular observers is"perhaps not in compliance with regulations ",'' Ms. Banerjee mentioned they'd shown that a"philosophical mindset and consistently complied with all the guidelines supplied from the Central administration".

The Trinamool was increasing allegations contrary to most of. "They Will Have The Commission had earlier in the day denied identical allegations. Alleging the Election Commission has neglected to perform"Just Ice", "The Road Show has been Upward with allegations all of the moment," Mr. Ghosh explained. Note explained the Prime Minister had threatened to lock his office up right after the election results had been also announced. Mr. Banerjee required an unconditional apology by the Prime Minister.

At an letter into the Commission on Even the She
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